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Christopher Singleton
Bellevue, WA 98004

(425) 240-9336

Business Intelligence Developer | Business Intelligence Engineer | Data Engineer | SQL Developer | .Net Programmer

Proficient in T-SQL writing sub-queries, partitioning / grouping using various types of joins, unions, stored procedures, triggers, Common Table Expressions (CTE's), views, ETL scripts using advanced C# in SSIS. Well knowledgeable with creating data marts, multidimensional cube structures and using MDX scripting, tabular models using DAX with hierarchies using dimensions and measures for analytical purposes (SSAS). Report development using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Excel Pivot, and Tableau and Power BI dashboards. Extensive applications with providing multiple solutions that are accurate with respect to detail using Business Intelligence and .NET C# programming concepts (including ASP.NET web forms) based on solving each criterion, including Kusto-Azure scripting.

Over 8 plus years in Information Technology in the Fortune 100 sector, including Microsoft, Costco, and smaller companies. Associate's degree in Information Sciences with the following relevant technical proficiencies:


Kusto Scripting in Azure, ICM, DAX Scripting


SQL Validation, Power BI Reports/Dashboards


Transact-SQL, Joins, Sub-queries, Unions


Views, CTE’s, Stored Procedures, Functions


BI Full Stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Development


Indexing, Triggers, Partitioning, Optimizing


Complex T-SQL/Views/Kusto-Azure Insights Scripting


Java Script, HTML, CSS, J-Query (Web Design)


C# objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Delegates


Extract, Transform & Load, SQL, C# (ETL)


Cube: Hierarchical/Relationship Configuration


Scripting: Tabular DAX /Multidimensional MDX


Normalized OLTP/De-Normalized OLAP Modeling


Star Schema/Snowflake Schema Design


SSRS, Tableau, Excel Pivot Table Reporting


Visual Basic Scripting, VBA, DOS Scripting


Network/VPN Configuration: Microsoft, Linux


Data Mining (SSAS) Cube structures, Flat Files


Agile/Scrum/XP Software Engineering


Data: Validation (Regex), Integrity, Cleaning

Work Experience

Microsoft Contractor, (Bellevue/Redmond, WA) 05/2018- 07/2019

Business Intelligence Developer (Developing Kusto Azure Code, DAX, T-SQL)



L & E Tubing Inc.(Lafarge & Egge), (Lynnwood, WA) 07/2011-04/2015

Document Control Specialist / Data Engineer (Aerospace)

Costco Corporation (Costco Business Center): Lynnwood, WA 03/1999-04/2010

Business Customer Computer Technical Support


Bellevue College(Bellevue, WA)

Business Intelligence Database DeveloperCertificate

.NET ProgrammerCertificate

High School DiplomaCompleted

Business Intelligence Data AnalystCertificate

Lake Washington Institute of Technology(Kirkland, WA)

Certificates Completed:



Recommendations | References:

Peter-Paul Troendle
Bellevue College Student / Internship Student
Note: This Sudent was succesfully tutored in an Advanced C Sharp .NET Class at Bellevue College while being Managed in an Internship FPGA Project.

"When I first met Christopher I realized that he was outstanding from the onset -
he was not only doing his job but understanding it and additionally documenting it in every detail
in a real clear manner. No need to say that he greatly was helping not only me but so many others
understand what they do - he is the best leader there is I wish for anyone to work for him and his
place is at the top of the ladder because he is so helpful and knowledgeable and gets the real job done.
This is in very few words the least I can say-" August/2019

Randal Root
Bellevue College/U of W Professor
IBIT Instructor at Bellevue College - ETL, MDX, Tabular DAX Programming

"Chris was my student for two quarters this year and impressed me with his positive
attitude, excellent work, intelligent questions, and willingness to perform difficult task
while undergoing stressful situations.
He has my highest recommendation." July/2017

Ricardo Suzuki
Bellevue College Adjunct Professor
IBIT Instructor at Bellevue College - .Net Programming

"Chris was in a couple of programming classes I teach in college. He was very dedicated
to learning with a strong ethical attitude. It was great to have Chris in my classes,
and I highly recommend him." September/2017


John Beswetherick
IBIT Instructor at Bellevue College - Advanced SQL Programming (Defined Objects, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, Functions)

Ellen Wang
Business Intelligence Developer/Data Engineer working at Microsoft
Phone: (206) 832-7742

Loren Davis
Quality Control Specialist at Lafarge & Egge (Aerospace)
Phone: (360) 794-5216

Please Don't use my material to cheat! This is only for those who want to know and understand the concepts of what I have been through to help student's and other's to grow in life.

Each and every concept that I have been through is based on of what I have accomplished through hard work and I believe in giving back to the community!

I don't believe in plagiarism! This is all my own work! My struggle through this in learning, means I learned it well!

Stored Procedures|CTE's|Functions|Concepts|Cube-MDX|Tabular-DAX|Data Modeling (Advanced SQL)

Objects|Classes|Methods|Interfaces|Delegates (Advanced C#)

Extract|Transform|Load (SSIS)

Objects|Methods|Classes|Library-Integration (ASP.NET)

HTML|CSS|JavaScript (Web Development)

Analysis|Data Mining|Statistics|Cube Modeling (SSAS)

SQL Reporting Services|Tableau Desktop|Power BI Desktop|Excel (SSRS)

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AJAX Tool Kit for Visual Studio.Net

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Recommended Music:
Laura Paulsini (Víveme)

Recommended Books:
Capitalism and Freedom: Fortieth Anniversary Edition By Milton Friedman (1962)
Progress and Poverty: An Inquiry into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth; The Remedy By Henry George (1879)
Pro SQL Server 2012 BI Solutions By Randal Root (2012)

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